Saturday, April 18, 2020

The Long Awaited PTP Derby Top Five

I was tweeting last night with Carly Kay on the twitter and was lamenting how much I miss Derby Top Ten Lists.

I know I am not the only one who feels this way, so I thought I'd create one, to help us all pull through the lack of a Derby list funk.

I am the first to admit I have not really paid attention to this year's preps, but I did a little research into them this morning using google, and came up with my list. Comments welcome!

PTP's Derby Top Five List

 1. Tiz the Law - Unless you've been living under a rock, the Derby Prep season has been three words, Tiz, the and law. The racy looking Constitution colt is winning everything under the sun and is number one on this list with a bullet. 

2. Temporary Hospital - I had not heard of this horse but after doing my due diligence for the Top Five List, this colt was making some headline noise. Although I did not see it, he must have romped in the Wood Memorial with a good Beyer. I suspect he's trained by Chad Brown, although when I check Chad's twitter page, all I see is him making fun of Jorge Navarro with gifs. That makes me more intrigued - he seems to want to keep this colt's hype on the down-low, maybe to get a price. 

3. Postponed - I have not seen this colt run either, but he won both the Bluegrass and Sunland Derby. I know what you're saying, "PTP, colts who win those races rarely win the Kentucky Derby", and I agree. That's why I have him only ranked third. 

4. The Baffert Horse Who Wins the Santa Anita Derby - This one is TBD, but it's surely going to be a good wager for the first or second or third Saturday in whenever.  This big strong colt will romp at 1-9 against a stout three horse field in a fast time. It'll be 33 lengths back to third. Frank will be ecstatic. Because I like to be early and not follow you lemmings, I am on this colt now. 

5. I don't have any others. I ran out of ideas. 

I hope the above helped you get through the lack of Derby Top Ten lists. I know it helped me just to write it. Have a great Saturday everyone. 

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