Friday, April 4, 2008

Friday Notes

Just a couple quick things.

First I notice some comments on the harnesslink feature regarding betfair being offered in Western Australia. It's nice to read some comments from people who are playing. Give the comments a full read if you are interested, but one line caught my eye especially.

Betting on harness racing has been in decline for many years… something drastic is needed to revive public interest. I started my betting on the trots many moons ago, now I don’t touch it unless I can do it via Betfair

I think there are a whole lot of people out there doing the same thing. Exchanges are a way to get them back.

Thanks to equidaily for this: University of Kentucky students offer a betting seminar before heading to Keeneland. Gotta love it. I am sure some beer will be drank, some bets will be made, and a good time will be had. That's racing, old time racing.

I should be at Keeneland for Saturday's card. I'll see if I can get some good pictures and post em up.

Good luck at the windows, and good racing.


Anonymous said...

Let me get this your taking your vacation to Keeneland ? Thought a vacation was to get away from the norm.With all these high tech new graphics you have come a long way since you didn't know how to cut and paste.Anyways enjoy I know a guy who took a vacation this weekend to Marquis Downs in Saskatoon Saskatchewan this weekend and the horses ain't running.

Pull the Pocket said...

Y'know, I went to the Meadowlands for a weekend about two or three years ago. On the Saturday night, there was a rain storm and wind storm, everything was cancelled. Flooding ensued and it was a mess.

So, now I am in Lexington and I open the morning paper: Massive Rains Cause Flooding in Kentucky.

I am truly a kiss of death with weather :)

Altho, I must say the weather has to be better than Marquis Downs in Saskatchewan? What kind of person would go to a racetrack in mid-winter in Saskatchewan, when there is no racing? My kinda guy, that's who :)


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