Not Sure Why Casino's Are Popular

I am at the Wagering Conference at Caesars Windsor this week. I do not play the casino games much, and now I know why. Wow, are they hard to win at. Some tips I found out this evening: Don't bet 6 at roulette, it never wins. I don't know how to play craps, but when I bet pass it does not pass, and when I bet don't pass, it passes. Whatever that means. Thank goodness I am a horseplayer.

Anyhow, the casino is quite nice here, directly across from the Detroit skyline, which I always found to be a pretty skyline. The Gaming Summit folks are milling around and are quite prevalent. I noticed that this place has quite a few acts performing here over the next several months. The one that I had a chuckle at was Kiss. I thought Kiss was retired, for about the 94th time, but I guess once you spit blood and breathe fire it is a tough thing to give up.

I'll hopefully be back tomorrow to update some news on the panels. Kim from SC is writing stories after each one. To be quite honest the panels are good. Whether something comes out of them is the whole other story I guess.

The Horseplayers Association twitter page here will have real time updates hopefully for those of you interested in following some of the panels.


Allan said...

One thing I have observed down South of the Border. The tracks in Canada will probably attempt to do something when this is all done and said for. On the otherhand, down South, it likely will be business as normal.

John said...

You know, in some cases I have to agree with you. I never have had any success at casinos and usually lose my money within an hour or so. I am then left looking for something to occupy my time. It is odd that, as a lawyer, I now spend most of my professional time providing advice on day to day operations of racinos and cardrooms.

The industry is changing as we know it. Patrons are looking for fast-paced action that can provide immediate awards. Unfortunately, more and more patrons typically do not want to invest a lot of time handicapping their race picks or just generally spending the afternoon at the track. As a result, tracks have to look for alternative products to bring patrons into such facilities and prop up purses and breeders' awards. It is a pretty tough cycle.

dana said...

have fun! when I was at the NTRA marketing summit I discovered a love for roulette (as did Jessica, who kicked my ass!). while devoid of any real strategy (most players look down on it), I found it to be preferable to slots in the mindless fun department.

Theodore L. Grevelis said...

As a horse owner/blogger moonlighting as a slot salesman - I'm glad they are!

Having been to many CGS in my time, I can say that the draw of aged acts is not new. I remember seeing Loverboy at, I believe, the 2004 show.

I look forward to following the Tweets!

Keith - Triple Dead Heat said...

I look forward to the full report on your return.

Hey TG - Loverboy is an AWESOME band. The dude has put on a little weight but he can still belt out the tunes!


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