From this months Horseplayer Edition of Trot Magazine, "What a Horseplayer Wants":

Would you invest in the stock market if your broker took $2,500 off the top from every $10,000 you invested? If not, then re-evaluate the takeout. Rather than explaining why rate cuts hurt your business, be creative. Start by offering one low-takeout bet a night and promote it aggressively. Advertising changed when Google began charging five cents a click. Music changed when Apple’s itunes began billing 99 cents a song. Classified sales changed when Ebay started charging a few dollars to reach the world. Horse racing will change when stakeholders appreciate why Google, Apple and Ebay are successful at what they do.

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Anyone play Tampa today for the HANA Pick 3? I did. I stunk, but someone made some cash. The pick 3 came in at 11k. The pools were juiced as well, upwards of 125%.

Ray Paulick has been on a story regarding horse slaughter this week and it has been making headlines, most recently in the New York Times.

The Jeff Mullins detention barn story has legs. Virtually all the chatter has been focused on not the infraction itself, but the stupidity of it. Harness trainers, is it not like walking and chewing gum at the same time to know that you do not bring a syringe into the D?


Anonymous said...

Last Tuesday the pick 3 at Tampa for races 6,7,8 there were 24 horses and the handle was 13,801.
This Tuesday their were 26 horses and the handle was 27,595 which is a 99.94% jump.
In looking at some of the selections on the Hana site in the 7th race #8 Dovita($35.20)who ran against multiple winners in his last race was hardly given a nod.
In the 8th race #4 Williamsburg($18.00) trained by Jamie Ness(meet leader)didn't appear on a single ticket but #1 African Angel trained by Charles Fontana who has a horrible record for the 2nd straight year was a unanimous selection and finished last as the favorite.
You should start campaigning for Hana to go for a Win 4 on Extreme Night at GeoD in August.

dana said...

RG - I had Williamsburg on my ticket, not that it did me any good not hitting on the first and second leg.


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