Some Serious Props

Paulick is doing great work. Not only did he dig, and dig deep into the horse slaughter issue recently regarding a horse owner, now he shifts to researching items in the Mullins detention barn case. He is not afraid to ruffle some feathers and strike at the heart of one of the most basic problems in racing - ethics.

Arthur opted not to comment to the Paulick Report on the Mullins investigation being conducted by the New York State Racing and Wagering Board. In 2005, however, he made the following observations about Mullins to John Scheinman in the Washington Post, saying Mullins was a good trainer who didn’t have a clear sense of ethics: “It’s an attitudinal problem, and those things are hard to overcome,” Arthur said. “It’s basic ethics is what it is. The bottom line is [Mullins] basically lives in his own world, and you can tell by his comments that’s the case. He’s oblivious to everything around him and does things his own way and thinks it’s right.”


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Anonymous said...

stock car racing was a mess- Then One man had an idea to fix and grow the sport. Put it all under one roof-The Birth of NASCAR----

Without finding a way to do that in our game-sport---Even the questions are asked. IS stock car racing a sport??

Put it under one jurisdiction appoint a commisioner. Rules that apply to all--Without it---This will be spoken of until PETA wins and horse racing is severly regulated by congress----


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