Reminder to Get Capping

For those who don't know there is a large carryover at the Meadlowands tonight in the Pick 6. I am starting to cap this card now, but I luckily have until race 4 to get it done.

Good luck.

......... wow.... 426k carryover until tomorrow. I hit 3 of 6 on my ticket tonight. I am not great at math, but I think that is not overly good.


Allan said...

This is great news for those that have the bankroll to play the Pick 6 realistically. The problem with this type of bet is how many combinations do you need to have a realistic chance of taking this down? This type of wager is not allowing the newcomer a chance to get their feet wet in the horses.

Yeah, I know we need the heavy bettors playing the horses and this is great, but how do you develop new gamblers with this type of bet? No, I am not talking about the $2 bettor, but say your new gambers (people who have no problem betting $10 or $20 a race?

I am sure when most of the large bettors started gambling they didn't start playing hundreds or thousand dollars on a single race or game the first time, they got their feet wet betting smaller and once comfortable, they moved up to larger wagers.

What we need are wagers that have the potential of a large (not Pick 6 level) payoff where a bettor may need only ten or twenty combinations to have a good chance to win.

Perhaps that is the problem with marketing racing. We spend too much resources trying to get the $2 fan in; aim for the whales; but forget to go for the middle market; those new to the game but have been targeted as having larger disposable incomes who may be willing to pluck $10 or $20 a race to start.

Anonymous said...

It must be a big deal the Mrs.said "Go get me a program then go top up your account I want to participate." Only problem is she picks 3 or 4 horses in each race then tells me to pay for the ticket.

Wind Gatherer said...

3 of 6. That is almost 50%, so not so bad. Not as good as 40% but hey...what can you do.

Anonymous said...

Personally I love what it does to the pools. Most of the big groups/bettors sink their teeth into the p6, now, if they are dead or light in the first leg they tend to pump more into the other wagers after that chasing their loss.




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