Woodbine Smash up, Epilogue

Dave Perkins of the Toronto Star updates us on the drivers hurt in the massive Woodbine pile up a month ago.

What was it Roger Mayotte said, while lying on the track at Woodbine a month ago with three fractures in his upper right arm and a suspected cracked pelvis?

"Get me out of here, we're holding up the card."

Harness horsemen are tough as nails.


Jessica said...

Ha! That's one tough driver.

Allan said...

I'm glad we can chuckle about what Roger said. Having been there when Billy Haughton was fatally injured, it could have been a lot worse.

Pull the Pocket said...

I still can't link that race here via youtube, partially because of my philosophy on the blog, but mostly because I don't want to watch it again. Once was clearly enough.

Of note, I know (have met Roger) and his wife and they are both good people. Can't say how happy I was he was so fortunate. Also a blgo reader trained one of those horses. He bounced back nicely, thankfully.


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