Runnin' Around

Busy day today. I have been working, playing racing, and had about 67 emails and 14 phone calls. Not bad at all. I think I earned my salary today.

Anyhow a few things on my mind.

I played Will Rogers Downs today for the HANA race betting day. Where is Will Rogers Downs? It's in Oklahoma. The racing is actually pretty good, and with my jcapper sheets and some free tools available it was not hard to make an opinion on the race. However, should I mention my opinion sucked? I lost.

I did play race 5 and caught that one though. My best bet of the year (best bet as in getting an edge) I think was in that race. I had supertote up and the three horse, who was fairly long, had almost 40% of the show pool. The 7-5 chalk had about 14%. I fired a show bet and the $4 winner paid $3.40 to show when the three horse ran out. Any bet is a good bet if you are getting a mathematical edge, and they come in many shapes and forms.

Overall the race in question (Race 6) had a darn good pool boost. About $50,000 was bet, about $25,000 of it new money. I wonder if they have ever had a race there with 50k in the pools?

I watched Mountaineer tonight as well, while catching up. In the third race I monitored the action at Betfair. The rail horse, who was 18-1 had a boatload wanted at 7-1 at the exchange. Someone knew something, or they really liked him. He won fairly easily. He keyed a $2400 tri.

Speaking of betfair, here is how they changed racing. "Britain's first internet betting exchange opened in 2000 with 36 customers. Now it is responsible for more transactions than the European stock markets. But how does it work - and who are the big winners?" Answer here. (hat tip to Equidaily)

OK, tomorrow I will hope to have a good discussion about the Breeders Crown announcement here on the blog. I want to hear what folks think of this decision to race all the races on one day. It has generated some buzz already on chat boards and so on. I will have a post up as I chatted with Moira Fanning and she gave me a nice response which I will elaborate on. I am sure Greg has some comments.

Where is Reinhart anyway? He is my guest poster and I bought him two beer and a Pepsi at Woodbine last week. Now he disappeared back to Pittsburgh and I don't hear a word from him. Was he kidnapped by Luc Ouellette and he is making him muck out stalls, like forever, without the use of the Interweb? Where's Chip?


Anonymous said...

nice show bet.
do you play in bridge
jumper show pools?


Pull the Pocket said...

I do play in bridgejumper pools from time to time. As well in bridgejumper pools where the chalk is paying $2.20 as a min payout I will bet the chalk long with the other jumpers. I think $2.20 is ROI positive on horses 1-5 and under in fields of seven or less. I have that hitting 13 out of 14 times the past while.


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