Well the buzz on the thoroughbred boards is all about the great racing today, including the tilt in the Florida Derby between two solid racehorses. It was a joy to watch. However, might as well do what we do here and talk some harness.

Mr. Feelgood downs Auckland Reactor in the Interdominian. The Jug champ was on.

Ramegade Bruiser won the first leg of the Spring Championship. It was shocking to see Secrets Nephew pulled up, however it looks like he is fine.

Nice to put a name to the face at Standardbred Canada. Jeff Porchak is the web-man there, and is bringing the organization into the 10's with some solid work. Way to go Jeff.

It was a fun night at the track today/tonight. We got there early for t-bred action and the stretch drive of the Florida Derby was electric. The harness racing was not too bad either last night, with a good many competitive races. Nice to have my Newfoundland stable-partner in town. We watch the horses race, have a beer or two, and make fun of each other when our picks stink.

I watched the races early as well from Dubai. That was more than interesting. I followed along with Nick Mordin, whose picks were placed up at HANA. For those who have not read "Winning Without Thinking" by Nick, and have a bit of an analytical handicapping mind, I recommend it.

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Scott said...

Fantastic win by Mr Feelgood, very nice result for my wallet :)

Blacks A Fake was very gallant in defeat but Auckland Reactor stopped as if shot in the back straight very disappointing.

Let's hope that more North American horses consider making the trip Down Under for a campaign, it's a big trip but the money is good and the step up from a mile to longer trips doesn't seem to hurt...


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