High School and the Beav

Cute post over at Green But Game picking a Derby winner. I never had hair like that in high school, but in some strange way I wish I did. I could have went as Rick from Magnum PI for Halloween every year without even getting dressed up.

For another Derby opine, Jay over at HANA is compiling a list. He is a super-sharp player and worth following. He's been on the Friesan Fire bandwagon for quite awhile now, and he maintains him at number one.

The Animal Planet show Jockey's has been renewed. One line in the story strikes a chord for me, "The project also represented an admirable risk for Animal Planet, since some of the network's viewers object to horse racing in general." Sometimes we forget this. Thankfully people like Peter have their pulse on Aunt Maude, and he is 100% correct. The way we sell the sport to Aunt Maude needs a sea-change before it can ever become 2009-mainstream. h/t to Railbird.

Saturday starts the Trackmaster challenge for harness players who are interested.

GTW says that he wants jockey's to be twittering during the race telling us how their horses feel. He's kidding of course, but it is a well known fact that beating the feed with on track bettors on cell phones is going on right now in the UK. Man, that would be cool.

Speaking of Betfair all I want to say is "damn kids!". I remember being 23 and getting dressed up like these punks to go out drinkin', but I was not up $150,000 with the horses at the same time. More like trading in beer bottle money for admission. Yes, that is a true story.

Mario! The legendary Glen from Newmarket's favourite driver Mario Letizia "schools the big-name drivers tonight" (a Newfoundlanders words) and goes gate to wire with Bhakti at the M in race nine. He paid a generous $20. Congratulations Mario, you da man; and congrats to Beav as god knows he prolly had a hundred on his nose!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link. That line in the "Jockeys" story also struck me -- and made me wonder if the show helped or hurt with that segment of the audience. After the first couple episodes, AP did focus less on accidents and mayhem, but they didn't do much to balance out that initial impression in following shows. Horses and what's really interesting about racing receded from the storylines.

Anonymous said...

Yes, thanks for the link... and for the record, I was much more new wave than the photo... Commander Salamander anyone? :)

Scott said...

great story re the beer money. Yes the internet means those edges will disappear, but if you have the option of fixed odds, you can still get in early. There was a good story last Olympics of a premium tipping service (this guy specialises in obscure events like athletics and lower division Scottish soccer) tipping a Belarussian shot putter at 25/1 each-way, he'd won a minor event at home with a huge throw just days before and it wasn't recorded on the official sites. By the time it started, he was about 2/1. Ended up with bronze but nice profit all the same if taking the each-way.


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