We Are Not the Only Ones

We are tough on racings clinging to the status quo here. Many are. But sometimes we forget we are not the only ones.


I am not a member of the Author's Guild.

Please don't blame me for their ludicrous positions. They have spoken out against public libraries, against used book stores online and now, against the Kindle reading books aloud.


I used to have a record label, but I never joined the RIAA. You know, the guys that under Hilary Rosen made the multi-billion dollar mistake of trying to maintain the status quo by suing their users as a way of stopping file sharing. It's hard to overestimate how damaging relying on this single action was to an entire industry.

They all share one thing in common - they try to protect their slice no matter how detrimental a policy may be to their long-term health.

Bill Finley writes an article on changing things up via lowering prices to bettors on ESPN this week. Not too long ago racing would reply scathingly to this analysis, and talk about 'costs' and 'pirating' just like music did. However, slowly they are finally climbing aboard. Is it too late like it was for music? I hope not.

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