That Was Some Nasty Accident

I am not sure if anyone was watching Woodbine last night for the 5th, the Ontario Boys Final, but that was a nasty an accident that you will see. I am sure it will be on Youtube, but honestly I am not for posting this kind of video evidence on the blog, so I will leave that to you to find if you want.

It looks like potential broken bones for three of the drivers. Miraculously, the horses appear to have escaped with no more than some cuts.

Safety in harness racing (touch wood) is something that is damn good. These things happen very rarely. But when they do, with inside out close quarters racing, there can be a pile up. Last night was one of those times.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe they were showing it.

They showed the replay on HPItv after the race.

And they posted the replay video on

Its tough to watch these accidents especially since my dad is driving at a different track at the same time. I've watched him go down hard a few times, and its the most gut wrenching feeling in the world.

I was glad to hear that everyone made it off the track alive. Sounds like there were some broken bones in the drivers, but considering the size of this accident, we are lucky there wasn't any worse injuries.

I hope everyone has a speedy recovery, including some potentially great 3 year old horses.

Pull the Pocket said...

I just saw the update on Roger. Could have been worse, yes, but it is pretty damn bad. He must have taken a real beating.

Anonymous said...

Not that I like accidents, but this is one thing I like about harness racing. Could you imagine what the carnage would have been if it involved t-breds?


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