Monday Notes

Ken Middleton interviewed Norm Clements on the Pacing Machine, Cam Fella and wrote about it. I liked Norm's dream event:

1. Cam Fella (1:53.1 - $2,041,367)
2. Niatross (TT1:49.1 - $2,019,213)
3. Albatross (1:54.3 - $1,201,470)
4. Nihilator (1:49.3 - $3,225,653)
5. Somebeachsomewhere (1:46.4 - $3,328,755)
6. Bye Bye Byrd (TT1:56.1 - $554,272)
7. Dan Patch (1:55.1 - $1,000,00+)
8. Bret Hanover (TT1:53.3 - $922,616)
9. Adios Butler (TT1:54.3 - $509,875)
10. Cardigan Bay (1:57.2 - $1,000,837)

We know racing ain't much without betting, but I as a fan would pay to watch that race. I don't think you could sell enough tickets. The fair odds line would be a blast to make.

Bill Finley of ESPN interviewed HANA's Mike Mayo about the Will Rogers Downs race tomorrow that bettors everywhere are supposedly betting into. Bill is definitely a horseplayer first, and columnist second.

It is the betting dollar that drives the entire racing industry, which should make the horseplayer the most powerful segment in the industry. Instead, it is its weakest. The player is neglected, underappreciated and has no voice. That's why takeout rates are outrageously high, the advance-deposit wagering systems are a mess and a lot of tracks care more about slot machines than they do horseracing. Face it, we've been pushed around and don't fight back.

It is great to read a mainstream columnist speak passionately like that about the game of racing. We don't get to read that too often in our press.

out the PP's for this race via the snappy Trackmaster platinum programs. Look at the data given to thoroughbred players. Great angles, comments and all the rest. We need that for harness.

Wagering conference anyone? Registration is closing soon.

Back tomorrow with our new Breeders Crown thoughts. An interesting turn of events!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

How did Norm Clements not pick a winner of his dream event?

Who would it be?

And what a jolt it is to see Cardigan Bay with $1 million after his name in the OLD DAYS.

My pick for Dream Event trifecta is Niatross-Somebeachsomewhere-Cam Fella


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