Nice Pool and Good for Kentucky

Big pick 4 pool at the M tonight:

$1 Pick 4 (Pool $227,949) (4-6-4-2) $6,870.00

Not a bad payoff as well with a $4.80 winner kicking off the sequence.

Not too long ago we were griping about sure you can raise a takeout on a pool, and sure you can just go through the motions. However, when you brand yourself with a pool, your track can win. The Meadowlands clearly (with the 15% take) has branded their pick 4. If you want to play a pick 4, you play it at the Meadowlands. Whether it is true or not is irrelevant. People think so, thus it is.

If an exec at the M ever wanted to raise their branded pick 4 to 25% (like some track we know did not long ago) they should be canned immediately. It is their bet for North American harness racing and they have taken this and ran with it by sticking with it. Ask a Madison Ave exec and he will throw a "6 in 60" at you. It costs $60 million and takes sixty months to brand something. It does not happen overnight.

I challenge other tracks to do the same thing - get a bet, make it low rake, and brand it. You have four hours a night to advertise it for free, there is no excuse for this. It's basic business.

Big news out of Kentucky today for bettors. No takeout hike to 'pay for stuff':

Clark also said he isn't pushing the other bill dealing with pari-mutuel taxes because he didn't think it could pass because of "so much pushback" from the tracks.

Good for the Kentucky tracks for standing up for bettors. Four or five years ago I bet they just would have silently pushed it through, then wondered a few years later why handle was down in some sort of ritualistic hand-wringing exercise.


Anonymous said...

Excellent point on Branding of a Bet! It would be nice to see some new creative wagers. Perhaps a Canadian multi-track bet, such as a Win 4 combining 2 afternoon thoroughbreds races and 2 evening standardbred races. Or a 2 day Win 4 incorporating 2 stake races one day and 2 the next.

Interesting note on last night’s Meadowlands Win 4. A straight parlay would have yielded $15,814 vs the $6,870 that it actually paid. And the Pick 3, which encompassed the last 3 races of the Win 4, paid $1,923.80, but a straight parlay would have paid $3,294...a little odd?

Unknown said...

This post fails to mention that there was $40,000 carryover going into the Thursday pick four at Meadowlands.

The wager does not generate $225,000 in money every night.

Yes, the 15% takeout does have some people's attention, but check the pool tonight, and you won't see $225k by any stretch.

Pull the Pocket said...

Hi Eddie,

I realize that. However, they bet everytime there is a carryover $150,000+ into this pool. The bet is branded and people jump on it, just like Socal racing has branded their pick 6. Many tracks have carryovers in pick 6's of decent amounts but they do not flock to it, like that.


Are you sure about you parlay numbers?

Anonymous said...

The computations as follows:

WIN 4 win prices
$4.8 x 28.6 x 16.4 x 14=31,519.48/2=15,759.75

PICK 3 win prices
28.6 x 16.4 x 14=6,566.56/2=3,283.28

Pull the Pocket said...

Hi Eagle,

The $1 parlay for the pick 4 is:

2.4*14.3*8.2*7 = just short of 2k I believe.


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