Million Dollar Horse, No Driver? And Share the Delight

The soap opera downunder continues. Auckland Reactor, who is the focus of a driver suspension, won last time easily for new driver Tony Herlihy. The $1.2M final of the series goes this week, so one would expect him to drive him in the final, especially since he said so earlier in the week.

But apparently not. He will drive his previous mount after all.

The report states that Gotta Go Cullen's owner, Ian Dobson, was not impressed by Herlihy's initial decision to abandon Gotta Go Cullen and had called his lawyer in Christchurch with the intention of charging New Zealand's top reinsman with collusion.

You figure it had to be something like that. At Betfair, Gotta Go Cullen is 200-1. The Reactor is 6-5. This is not a hard decision on paper.

Today the story took another turn. We have yet another new driver.

In other news, our old friend here on the blog Andrew Cohen has a nice colt, Share the Delight. He had some bad luck last year and seemed to be always just a little short of greatness. His gait problems as a 4 year old are certainly behind him, and he looks to be finally putting it all together. I look for good things from him this year, and I think this will be a marvelous year for the aged division with him, Shadow Play and others.

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Anonymous said...

Wow. Calling your lawyer cause the jock picked the better horse?
Imagine if that happened here?
Every driver would need a lawyer on hand... well, except for Luc, he seems to always avoid picking the best horse.
Sorry Greg... couldn't resist! :)

best regards,



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