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Ian wants to bet harness racing, but he is asking for software. Not much out there, huh? I know it is a game of watching replays, charting and knowing a little about many things, but knowing who is the fastest horse is not just good for the runners.

When at the Gamblers Book Shop in Vegas a couple of weeks ago, my horse stable partner chatted with Mr. Schwartz who runs the joint. He is asking for harness racing material. He says he gets bettors in there all the time asking for harness material.

Speaking of software and data, it seems a few heavy hitters have gotten together to create a new company hoping to be able to assimilate and gather huge piles of data. One of them "Christophe Bisciglia, 28, arrived at Google after raising and selling horses online during his high school years." Hey Chris, pay $20k for some harness racing data and write a cool program for me, huh? That'd be cool.

Phil mentioned Oscar Oscar in the comments section and his stunning 150 maiden win. I remember Chris Ryder winning in 150 with a maiden about three or four years ago. It was with an Aussie horse I think. Anyone remember the name?

Mike Mayo (who came in the Top Ten at the Horseplayers World Series a few weeks ago) is asking for folks to play into certain pools on certain days. Could you imagine if a bunch of harness players got together and bet Kawartha Downs on a Tuesday? Talk about a pool shock.

Reminder: Bettors wanted for the Wagering Conference in Windsor in April.

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