Sad Day For Mike's Crew

From time to time we update you on the group of new owners that Mike Hamilton of Woodbine is mentoring. Their newest yearling buy was Sky Art, a nice little Modern Art colt. Unfortunately he had to be put to sleep today. My sincere best wishes to the stable on a very tough day. You can leave Mike a note on his blog if you wish.


Anonymous said...

I own 3 miniature horses and know how attached you get to these beautiful animals. My heart goes out to the members of the syndicate. RIP "Sky Art".

Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to the owners and trainer, we had to put our 3 year old pacing filly down because of a badly broken P1 also. It is gut wrenching.
Regards Rebecca

Steve Zorn said...

Unfortunately, I know how they feel. We had to make that decision earlier this year for our filly Wheel Charmer. First time in 10 years of racing and 80 horses. It's no fun at all.


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