Big Hit, Mullins & a Sale with 3% Takeout

The pick 6 was finally hit last night at the Meadowlands. Over $900,000 was bet into the carryover to make it the largest pool ever at the M.

I hit four. I tossed Andy Miller in the first leg so I did not have to worry about cheering for anything. A couple of friends hit 5. One in the US, one in Canada. The one in the US did better as he did not have to pay the 'special fee' that is charged up here.

Oh, oh, trainer Jeff Mullins is in trouble this past weekend. The fellow who had some not nice names for bettors..... get this:

“Our stewards are investigating an incident inside NYRA’s detention barn on Saturday afternoon,” Mahoney said. “NYRA security personnel advised the stewards that Mr. Mullins was observed attempting to administer an over-the-counter product called Air Power to [Gato Go Win] in the security barn. He had also apparently taken a syringe into the security barn.

The IAEH boys are involved in this one as well, as I Want Revenge is a Mullins trainee.

“I can’t make any judgments. I just hope that whatever story evolves doesn’t take away from the performance of I Want Revenge. I went through this last year [with Big Brown and trainer Richard Dutrow Jr.], and it’s disturbing to me again that attention could be taken away from the horse.”

Dude, your trainer went into a security barn (allegedly) with a syringe and bottle of Air Power. What the hell do you think is going to happen?

In further news, 3% takeouts are happening with the gambling economy faltering. Unfortunately they are for slot machines. (h/t to Equidaily).

Had you there for a second huh?

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Anonymous said...

Seeing as you have brought up the Mullins thing I want to throw out a theory. Does anyone think that the rise in handle on Harness racing at Woodbine can be slightly attributed to the fact that finally after so many years of the T-breds looking squeaky clean that now that their dirty laundry (i.e. Mullin, Dutrow ect.)is getting out and looking really bad, maybe we look like the better option? At least we have a history of this crap and some semblance of real punishment. (Aka the Robinson ban from WEG.) Just a real far out thought but I have followed T-breds very loosely from a fan perspective for years and can never remember so many drug issues actually making the news.

Too wild an idea perhaps but fun to think about Harness finally being the top bet sport because the "Sport of Kings" looks so dirty.
Thanks for a chance to ramble about this
Regards, Rebecca


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