Tuesday, August 18, 2009

August Heats Up........ with a Dash of Adrenaline

In the northeast, the summer which had been on hold, is finally here. And the racing has heated up as well.

On Sunday, Explosive Matter and Well Said both won their respective stakes at Chester - The Battle of the Brandywine and The Colonial Trot - the latter in a world record 153 flat. Muscle Hill is supposed to resurface late in the month and then go on a 5 race in 5 week tear across the US and Canada.

One of the highlights of the three year old stakes season is the Confederation Cup near Dundas, Ontario. Last year as most recall, Somebeachsomewhere defeated Shadow Play and several other colts in a world record time. This years field was not quite as good (but in this crop no field is as good as last years) but the addition of River Shark, Passmaster Hanover and If I can Dream made the two heat affair worth watching. The winner was If I Can Dream, in 152.1.

The Adrenaline Festival is this weekend near Sarnia Ontario. In addition to all the neat stuff they have planned, there is also three free handicapping contests, where the winner will gain admission to the TCNHC $25,000 final in Ottawa in early November. If you are in the area and want a free stab at it, click here. Of note, this is not a pick your horses and watch qualifier, it is one where you get a card and just play. You of course keep your winnings.

The Breeders Crown Older Horse Pace goes this weekend at the Meadowlands. Seeing Mr. Big, Shadow Play, Art Official and a few others go, is something worth tuning in for. I have not seen an older division with more talent, or deeper in a long time. Isn't it great when horses do not retire at three?

I will have a full report on one of the most unique events in all of racing - Old Home Week in PEI - sometime today or tomorrow. Until then, enjoy the heat!!!

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