Saturday, August 8, 2009

Hambletonian Time!

Super card tomorrow at the M, of course highlighted by the Hambletonian. This race, has its best field in many years. I could imagine what it would have been like if this was several years ago when this was raced in heats. Wow.

There are several stakes finals this year, which makes it a good card for fans, but for bettors not as much. Supers are being offered on every race, unless I heard wrong. If they went to $1 min supers like the big days in Thoroughbred racing I think I would have been a bit more stoked to cap the card. But I did anyway.

I can't find a ton, but I do like Dreamfair Eternal in the first. I can not believe this horse is ML chalk because this is ripe for an underbet. We'll see if she is odds.

In the second, the $525k Merrie Annabelle I will swing for the fences off the "second time overseas" angle and take a swing at Kronos. Hell, it worked for Victory Tilly.

I have no opinion on the Haughton, although I will cheer for Chuck's horse. He needs a break this week to put a smile on his face after his sons horrible accident. He is 100% class and one of the best trotting trainers I have ever seen.

Nice field in the 4th. I think Share the Delight will be odds there and has a good chance to win.

No opinion in the Shallee. I can't handicap the Brainard horses, so I won't even try.

The Nat Ray is a great betting race. I will pitch Lucky Jim off the tickets and mess around there. I wonder if Lanson can steal this thing? I bet San Pail will be good odds in here too.

Nice competitive race in the 8th. I think Noble Falcon is the best there, and I think he might be a tiny bit overlooked. Awesome Adventure intrigues me a little as well.

The Oaks is a good betting race. I don't think the chalks are a lock. I am not sure which way I am going to go here.

The big one is Muscle Hill's if he shows up. I will be sitting on my hands. If he was not in the race this would be a dandy race to take some swings. I think Triumphant Caviar with a second over would be tough in here.

The US Pacing Championship is my favorite race of the day every year. If Mr. Big races like last week, he will be tough to beat. If he races like his previous four before that, he could be off the ticket. Art Official was large in his last too. Which way to go? I don't know, but I think I will go bomb hunting here in exotics and look for a good score, despite the obvious chalk box. Perhaps something mixed around with Shadow Play, Won the West and Shark Gesture.

I have to check the board, but I think Passmaster will have his day in the sun and win in a fast time. Looking at it again, I sense he will be overbet. If so, I might try Hypnotic Blue Chip. He was sick for the Pace final, and might be overlooked by bettors. I love betting against driver choices as well, and Tetrick will take money away from this horse, due to the fact he bailed on him. I would not be shocked to see Annieswesterncard race well at long odds and that is another possible for me.

Anyhow, have a great Hambo day everyone!


That Blog Guy said...

Hambletonian Day is always my favorite. Hopefully, attendance will be better than it has in the past. Curious to see if having the Haskell a week earlier will improve attendance; always thought racing them on the same weekend had each event canabalizing the other.

I love Share the Delight. Only reason I am not going with him is the past two times he broke, he seemed to be driving conservatively the following week to avoid breaking and the need to qualify. Of course, if they decided not to worry about a second break this time, he definitely can be a good bet.

I may be very wrong but in the Nat Ray I am going with Glen Kronos at 15-1 provided he stays long. His North American starts have not been good. However, if he goes back to his form where he finished behind Torvald Palema and Commander Crowe, he could be tough.

jamesp said...

Thanks for the info. Haskell Day and Hambletonian Day are always two great racing days and local fans here in Jersey haven't had too many reasons to get excited these past couple of years.

I heard some Del Mar tourists recently griping about the hole they are in even before the racing starts: $5 parking, $6 admission plus the Racing Form but the Meadowlands has free parking, a free Hambo cap with $1 admission and $1 program. I at least give them credit for that. They need a huge day, though, to bolster their sagging handle numbers for the meet. Yonkers and Chester have really put a dent into their business.

Pull the Pocket said...

Speed is king today. Wowsa. Lucky Jim 150.1? Yikes.

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