Friday, August 28, 2009

Internet Invented in Illinois. New Pick Four, and More.

Recently a bill has passed in Illinois to allow internet betting on horse races. Now, from the comfort of their own home, bettors can bet into 22% takeouts without being thrown in the clink. With this brand-new invention of the interweb, it is nice to see some states starting to offer online wagering. Soon, no doubt, people from Chicago will be able to use their computers to check the weather, surf for porn, or maybe even buy a Best of Twisted Sister CD on the web. Although for the latter they will probably never admit to it.

Do you ever do this? I bet Jeff Gillis's two year old filly Slimsplace last night in the fourth race (chart here). I knew Steve Condren would take her right to the back. I knew she was going to use the race as a learning experience. I knew it. And that is exactly what happened. But since the odds were so good, and she looked like the most talented horse in the race by far, I swung. It was a peaceful loss, simply because I knew it was probably going to happen. Betting is easier when you expect not to cash a ticket.

I went to Woodbine yesterday afternoon for the races. There were not too many fans out. The slots were a different story. There was some sort of bus tour or something, and a bunch of older folk were lined up to get something free, or whatnot. I think I would like to stand in line to get into the slots about as much as I like eating glass. But to each their own.

We hear all about corruption, or stiffing horses, or cashing a bet in racing. It has been there for a hundred or more years, whether real, perceived or otherwise. But other sports have it, too. In the super-hot betting sport of snooker, it seems there is a problem. A "9-3" score in a recent match was heavily bet. Bookies alerted the authorities before the match happened, and when the match came 9-3 the players were detained by police and questioned. I would think it would not be hard to tank a snooker match. I remember playing some when I was a lad. I would go to the local hall in Chinatown here in Toronto and have a bunch of ales. Invariably I would hit shots that flew balls right off the table. I wonder if the guy who lost had a few too many Guinness? Never know.

What's the deal with EPO? Sure we have it in horse racing, but other sports seem to really get a kick out of using it, on people. Three more Russian skiers have tested positive, and a couple were Olympic medalists. Ever since Ben Johnson I have watched the Olympics, wondering who or what would get caught with a drug. It's become a part of the games. Next year if you like, play along with me: If you see a female athlete that never gets tired and looks something like this, start a pool with your friends. Take the "in under three months she will test positive for something" bracket. I bet you're cashing.

Woodbine is scrapping the Pick Seven and adding a late pick 4. It is about time, this punter says. The pick 7 was a horrible bet. A 25%+ pick 4 is not great value, but it is better than any pick 7 and will probably be welcomed by fans. This should up handles a bit. They would no doubt be upped more if the old 14.75% takeout pick 4 was still at WEG, but I digress.

Last up, courtesy an anonymous commenter, we have breaking video of a new match. No, not Rachel Alexandra versus Zenyatta, or Lucky Jim against Muscle Hill. But close.

Evander Holyfield To Box Horse For Heavyweight Title

Have a good day everyone.


Theodore L. Grevelis said...

We're still waiting in Minnesota. If I can't make it to Canterbury (some 45 minutes away) or Running Aces (40 minutes the other way), I simply cannot wager on them. So on those days, my money goes elsewhere. I would RATHER play my hometown track, but simply do not have the opportunity.

Sure, they may get less of the 'take' from me if I'm not therei live, but a small percentage of something is better than a big percentage of nothing, right?

Pull the Pocket said...

What's the deal in Minnesota Ted? Is it just a strong lobby? I always thought MN was a cross between a super-liberal state and a Libertarian hands-off-my-stuff one. It seems it would be one of the first states to embrace online horse wagering.


Anonymous said...

PTP off topic sorry

do you know the # of
players in the handicapping
contest Fri. and Sat.
at Sarnia?



Phil J. said...

To answer the "do you ever do this question" see #1 Baia Hanover, the Richard Norman firster in the same race that you speak of. What her through the stretch.

I knew I would get the sit in 3rd, 4th, or 5th and hopelessly ( atleast for the win ) try to shake loose late. Check her out through the lane.

Pull the Pocket said...


Not many from what I hear. The population at the track for the event was 90% newbies, I am told. A total newbie crowd, many of which had never been to a harness race.



Nice play there. good odds.

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