Thursday, August 20, 2009

Kool-Aid, Me Too. Weekend Harness Stakes are Interesting

I don't know who Claire Novak is, but we need more of her. She calls the Jess Jackson stuff for what it is, pure nonsense. Since I lived a life as a poor student for many years, I used to mix plenty with kool-aid. I must say, I was never much of a wine drinker.

Standardbred Canada has finally gotten into the RSS mold. Good to see. As well, Twitter updates from this weeks Adrenaline Festival are to be had. Well done.

It looks like Shadow Play will not have the nose on the gate this weekend at the BC Final for aged pacers. I would love to see what this colt can do healthy. Like many before him, we just might never find out.

Ray Paulick kicks butt. His piece on Equibase and their monopoly on data is as good as it gets for a journalist that makes his cash on a trade site. It is incorrigible that a business that is flatlining in a whole lot of areas charges for racelines. Want to build a database so you can bet $20 million dollars where $4M of it goes to purses and profits? Want to do an academic study promoting racing by offering regression analysis on Secretariat versus Man O' War? Not in racing; it'll cost you twenty defaulted mortgage payments. Choose another sport instead.

This weeks Gold Cup and Saucer program is out (Saturday's evening card). It is one hell of a betting race. I will be watching and maybe even making a little wager.

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Anonymous said...

To update you on
The Adrenaline Festival this weekend near Sarnia Ontario, as to the three free handicapping contests.........

The rules were different than they posted on the website – you could keep betting any profits that you accumulated on your card. The final winner was total money from tickets cashed, rather than net bankroll at the end. They only ended up with 5 entrants. There were a few others that had signed up, but didn’t like the fact that you had to bet on one particular machine, and it was on the bottom floor, while they were in the restaurant upstairs, so they pulled out.


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