Looking at Some of Tomorrow's Races

I am just having a look at the BC tomorrow and cross referencing with Betfair. It is nice to get a feel of the odds board when playing some pick 3's and other horizontal's by looking at some sharp money, so here are a few thoughts.

BC Marathon - With a 4 point overround and a decently tight spread it looks like the ML is right on Mastery. Father Time is second choice at 7-2. I like the looks of the odds on two I think can hit the ticket - Nite Light at 9-1 and Black Astor at 27-1. I think I might try the latter for my price horse this race.

BC Juv F Turf - No surprise Lillie Langtry is chalk at 3-1. I don't mind the five and thirteen here and they are generous at 15-1 and 27-1 respectively.

BC Juvy Fillies - Not a very tight market here with close to 8% overround. Blid luck is a 7-2 chalk and the crowd says to go deep in this one. Mark Cramer says in chaos races bet the chalk. This does seem to work but I have to go outside that chalk here. 9-1 current price on the 11 looks like an overlay for me. I like the ten but she is getting well bet, below her ML, so that eliminates her for me.

BC F and M Turf -
I thought Forever Together looked like a slam dunk here but the crowd at Betfair thinks I am nuts. Midday is a 5-2 chalk in a tight market. 10-1 on Visit is tempting. I was disappointed that this was the first pick 4 leg as I will not take a short shot in an opening leg, but maybe the odds on FT will allow me to take one.

BC F and M Sprint - I kind of figured Sara Louise would be a price here and that is confirmed with early betfair betting. Ventura is obvious and monster chalk at 7-5. I'll probably take a stand here with Sara.

BC Ladies Classic - Zenya..... er Rachel Alex.... er, I mean Careless Jewel is the fave at around 7-2 in a medicore market; a bit surprising I guess. Nice prices on this board and it looks like it will be an excellent spread race. The longest shot on the board (Lethal Heat) I do not really mind here that much. I am contemplating hitting the all button perhaps. I wish this field was a little deeper and bigger for some superfecta bomber shots, but that is nitpicking I guess.

Good luck tomorrow everyone and enjoy your day.

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