Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday Notes

New York state continues to make ones head spin on testing. The Saratogian reports that "Testimony at the hearing, conducted by committee chairman J. Gary Pretlow, revealed shortfalls in funding, and a testing laboratory at Cornell University that has put the state on notice it plans to stop testing early next year."

Shortfalls, bad management? Who knows, but it seems like a mess.

This year has not been a memorable one for the three year old pacing colts. About once every few years we get spoiled with a solid crop, this year was not one of those years. Last year in the Windy City Pace we had a knock-down, drag out battle between Shadow Play and Badlands Nitro. Badlands, a two year old world record holder grabbed rail control, and double world record holder Shadow Play was at his flank every step of the way. The teletimer tipped 150.4 and Shadow got up in the final strides. This year, no world champs, no freak speeds. And the result had heavy chalk If I Can Dream going down to defeat to a 55-1 longshot, "Over my Head".

Next year, if these colts come back ok should be a better year for us as fans. Although these colts have to go faster and faster and that is never a guarantee. This season as most recall, four of the top five rated two year old pacing colts were shut down, retired or made only a couple starts in 2009 due to injury.

Updating a previous story (hat tip to Equidaily), the 12 year old mare who was scratched out of her last start, passed vet inspection. But there is more to come.

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