Friday, November 20, 2009

You Just Never Know

Controversy at Churchill Downs this past week. A 12 year old mare, whom the previous owner thought was going to be a riding horse showed up in the box this week in a five claimer.

Costello said she is aware she could face some backlash for trying to run a horse off a nine-year layoff, but she maintains that Grand Forks will eventually return to the track.

"You know, (the backlash) might happen the first time I run her but, when she wins that race and comes back fine, I think people will accept it," she said.

She was scratched because the judges wanted to watch her work first.

When one sells, or gives away most time, a horse for a retirement career you tend to just never know. It would be good to have some sort of contract signed as an industry norm in these instances, in my opinion.

Fog killed the races last night at Woodbine. Photo courtesy Standardbred Canada.

This usually happens at Mohawk, since it lies in a different area, but last night it bit the city track. I am not sure why they cancelled, however I heard a rumour that it was because they could not get the photo finish camera working.

The Horseplayers Association's Theresia Muller was interviewed in Cali at the Breeders Cup this past week. Video here.

No matter what we hear about the economy, whip rules or whatever else excuse we have about lack of wagering dollars, they all should be taken with a grain of salt. Downunder wagering set a record for the Melbourne Cup this year. The past couple of years there has been tremendous competition for betting dollars in Australia. Competition breeds lower prices, more access and advertising dollars; and is good for the bettor. What is good for the bettor is good for gross wagering.

Woodbine has added their replays to Youtube. Now if you lose a bet because of driver error, you can re-live, re-live, and re-live it again via the number one video social media platform in world history :)


That Blog Guy said...

One rule proposal on the plate for the USTA is a poposal allowing a non-racing registration to be issued for a horse that previously raced; if approved, a previous owner can make sure the horse never races again. The Jockey Club would be well advised to have a similar rule.

Anonymous said...

In horse RACING we race horses. Sound, happy 12 year old mare- loving owner who vows to keep her 'pet' forever- MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS AND LET HER RACE HER HORSE.

Standardbreds race into their teens.

Steeplechasers and show jumpers often have careers this long.

Bandit, a 37 year old Arabian, was successfully campaigning in long distance races.

STOP LISTENING TO THE ANIMAL WORSHIPPERS WHO USE THE GOVERNMENT TO WRITE LAWS TO CONTROL OTHERS PROPERTY. That's a crime, not a racehorse owner training and racing her own horse.

Anonymous said...

In every other fog related track that I have bet, they've always announced that due to photo finish not working that all judges decisions will be made final.
Was it a new crew that night that didn't know about that clause or what?


Anonymous said...

In Sweden an owner of a trotter can ask that the Swedish Trotting Association to issue a non-racing registration on the horse before selling or giving away the horse for retirement. This registration can not be annulled.

Standardbreds in Sweden are allowed to race until they are 12 years old (mares until they are 10 years old). This weekend a 12-year old named Skogans Joker won the Gold Division in the V75-races. By the look of the horse I'm sure it could race another couple of years.

Best regards,

Anonymous said...

16 year old Silent Cash Dasher won 8/16/09 at Blue River Downs. Jock himself was 68 years old, just sat still on him. Dasher won by almost a length. Crowd loved it. he was 10 years older than any other entry.

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