"Dream"fair Eternal Beats the Guys

I, like a lot of you, watched the Open pace at Woodbine last night to see how the mare did against the top pacers in the country. Dreamfair Eternal swept off cover and mowed them down in 150.2 in a really nice effort.

Funnily (to me anyway) I might be the only one who went to sleep figuring that was it, but it was not. I woke up around 5AM with a fresh dream. Who dreams about a horse race? Well I do apparently.

Randy Waples pulled up to my house in his driving suit.

"Did you guys see my drive", he said.

"Drive? What the hell Waples, your horse was awesome. It had nothing to do with your drive", someone said.

"I got second over. I was brilliant. The horse was fine, but I was really good," said the toothy Milton resident.

"You would have been first up, but Luc pulled. There was no way you would have known that. You were lucky to get second over", said a guy named Glen.

"It was all planned. That's what us great drivers do" said Waples.

Right then Mark MacDonald drove up, also in his driving suit.

"Lucky Man scoped sick. He had nothing in the last 100 yards. You were lucky to win," he told Waples.

"Ya" said someone I did not recognize (it was a dream and I can not remember. I think he was a neighbor's friend or something - he was eating a hamburger).

"I outdrove you" said Waples.

I think I then I woke up (I did not say it was a good dream, only that I had a dream).

Mares do not often race male horses in open paces. There is usually a mares open for them and if it does not fill it the mare does not race. It is nothing like thoroughbred racing, where other than the top classic distances on dirt, both sexes racing are not hugely rare, especially in Europe with distance and surface specialists. I agree with some of the thoughts in my dream. The field did not race that well against her (especially Lucky Man, who has been much better his last three), and she showed up. But even her showing up shows us something - she does not much care who she is up against, she just races.

And that she does very well. There is absolutely no reason she could not take on, and give a go to, the best male open pacers in North America. She would not in any way embarrass herself.

With apologies to Randy Waples, she was certainly the star of the show.

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