Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Thoughts

The money at Betfair - to me still surprisingly - keeps pouring in on Zenyatta. She is now 9-5.

I was doing my surfing this morning, trying to look-see for a little more info to construct some horizontal plays in the BC today and I came across an awesome article that I had not read on Zenyatta. It is from ESPN and deliciously written by Wright Thompson.

I am a handicapper and play almost 365 days per year, however I am also a horse owner and I love those big brown things that cost way too much money. I am an animal lover as well, and can not help but appreciate an article like the above. It shows the caring that a horse receives and just how much they are appreciated by those around them.

That article says what needs to be said in our sport. Those folks, especially trainer John Shirreffs, deserve our deep respect. In addition, what a training job - how do you keep a mare in training for over three years straight and keep her sound, healthy with a mind on her business. Astounding! It is pure magic.

Conversely, on the down side of racing, comes a story on new drugs that have infiltrated our sport. ITPP, which acts just like EPO but is more powerful, has entered the game. One hit, one week wonder trainers still abound in our game. And owners continue to chase the money. They need a lesson from Ann and Jerry Moss and John Shirreffs.... but they probably would not listen.

Courtesy comes a billboard on the roof of Hollywood Park:

The Fall Four goes at Woodbine (note the 7:50 post time) and they are pretty good races. The big one for 2 year old pacers features the return of Big Jim. Crys Dream, the best trotting filly you might have never heard of, goes in the Goldsmith Maid. If you would like to have a look at how to train and race a two year old, look no further than her. Conversely, check some of the lines on some of the other two year olds tomorrow.

Our annual Breeders Cup warning for Canadian players - this time from HANA. If you are playing in HPI, expect the payoffs to be skewed - and not in your favor. On we have one stand-out comment:

"I could write about 14 pages here about how woodbine and Fort Erie thru hpibet are screwing us here....Instead, I'll just say our small group of regulars will be playing the two day breeders at Presque Isle in pa. The woodbine *****ers drive us out of our own country."

As I mention every year here to Woodbine: Guys, spend some time on fixing this for good, for the good of your customer and for the long-term health of your business. This nonsense has gone on for far too long.

Good luck to everyone playing the BC today. Enjoy your Friday!

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