Thursday, November 4, 2010

Some Serious Zenny Cash

At this time last year the Betfair trading for the Breeders Cup Classic was about expected. Zenyatta - overbet to be sure at 5-2 - was 5 and a half to one at the betting giant via the exchange. Scanning the chat boards, as well as speaking to several big hitters, that was about right according to them.

This year it is all together different. She is taking loads of cash; now down to just north of 2-1. And of course, this is not "newbie" cash or from a lady with a Zenyatta hat: betting at betfair before the races is not a Sunday picnic. Those newbies will be there, but they will be there on betting day.

Speaking to an assortment of players, both at Betfair and here, it is not at all like last year. Many think 5-2 is a fair price on the big mare, when nary that opinion I could find twelve months ago. I know someone that got sizeably filled at 3-1 who ain't trading it out. It will be interesting to see if the sharpies are right, or like last year wrong.

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