(Late) Tuesday Notes

I've been busy as a bee, but I found time to type out some drivel this evening.....

...... The Canadian Trotting Classic (covered beautifully on the Score Network) was as feel good as it gets. The homebred, Daylon Magician made a move to the front, and it was over. He is a very nice colt, and even if the Hambo Champ was on his game, I think the result would have been similar. I think Brennan would've been nuts to hang him.

...... Man of Many Missions got caught unsound (or wonky) once again in a big one.

.......  How sharp are horseplayers? I have not spoken to any who thought See You At Peelers would've won her start Monday; they are sure she is a mess right now. Takter's right hand man trained her Thursday coming home in a cheap 57 flat and he scratched her.

..... Does the Peelers situation remind anyone of her peer Rachel Alexandra? Everyone and their brother was sure something was nagging her early in the year - she was just not the same horse - and they pulled the plug. Will Peelers be the same? Time will tell. I am 50/50. A rest can do a horse wonders.

..... Did anyone catch Risky Business this week with trainer Nick Boyd (@ralphie9 on twitter)? I thought the kid did a good job. For those who are not aware, the horse bought by Brett was in last week at Kawartha and he raced well in his comeback race.

....... The Jug is Thursday. Who you do you like? I have a feeling Foreclosure N is going to race well, and be odds. I think he might be the freshest horse of the bunch.

....... What a difference a sick horse makes. With Peelers not there for the Jug or Jugette, it became less interesting.

........ The markets represent a good case study for bettors. It is thought in some circles that tomorrow's Fed 'twist' move is priced in the market . This is not unlike a driver or jockey change being priced in the odds, which is why the obvious ones are horrible bets. If you are long the markets and this chap is correct, you will need something flashy for it to make a new up move.

...... Online poker is a ponzi scheme (at Full Tilt). Hilarious stuff. What will the Feds think of next? Just for a lark, everyone under the age of 65 should ask the Feds for all their retirement money, just to see what happens.

....... Interesting promo at Colonial Downs.

..... and another one there; this one is really interesting. 

....... Tuesday's story: I'm hanging out at the cottage this past weekend. It's dark and the dog needs to go out. I pop out on the deck with my dog and am met immediately by what I think is a small deer. Alas, it is a massive dog - a Rhodesian Ridgeback. He's the sweetest dude around, and he is totally lost. He has no collar, it's pitch black, there is no one in sight and I was pretty sure he came from far away.

After an hour or so of walking this small horse around (he could have used a 50 inch hopple), a lady pulls up to me in her car on the road while I am with the lug. It was an interesting conversation:

Blonde Lady: "Hello, I am looking for a dog, have you seen one?" (she says this to me, as I have a dog on the leash).

Me: " I have a dog here"

Blonde Lady: "Oh, so you have not seen a dog"

Me: "Yes, I have a dog right here. Are you looking for one?"

Blonde Lady: "Yes I am"

Me (thinking since she is looking at this dog and me, she can't be looking for this one): "Well, what's the dog you are looking for look like?"

Blonde Lady: "He's big and he's brown"

Me: "Like this one (pointing)?"

Blonde Lady: "Yes, that's him!!!!" My friend lost him at the beach!"

It really shouldn't have taken that long. I think she must have been drinking.

I walked the dog to the owner about a half mile from where I was (he was too big for her car) and he was a happy dude. And I only missed three races!

Have a good Tuesday everyone.

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