Taking it to the Next Level

On Wednesday a horse's owners decide to take it up a notch, and today a racetrack decided the same thing.

Daylon Magician, a David Lemon owned and trained homebred, has entered the $1M Canadian Trotting Classic. Relegated to sires stakes action so far, the talented colt is taking on the big boys Saturday, including Hambo champ Broad Bahn.

This happens at times in our sport, because many of our good horses are owned by trainer/owner's, or reclamation projects, like San Pail. I don't blame them a bit for not staking a colt, or sticking close to home and having some fun. But this horse deserves a shot. I think he might be the best colt in North America. Good luck to the fine people who own him.

Second up is Charles Town Racecourse. This past year the slots-fuelled track has been making some changes - they changed their schedule around, carded some nice races, and are a fixture one night a week on TVG. Handle has been doing quite well.  Not to rest on that, they have lowered takeout appreciably, and announced it today.

Successful people, or businesses, worldwide never rest on their laurels, they try and take it to the next level. I hope it goes well for both of them.

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