Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tuesday Notes

Off we go on a Tuesday.

Uncle Mo has been retired. It turns out his GGT measure is off the charts again. There are people who will call BS on that, but I am not one of them. Recently I would receive calls from a trainer with a nice horse that was simply racing flat (he reminded me of Mo and how he's raced actually). His GGT was elevated and he tracked down a dozen or more vets, others with the issue - some as even as far away as Australia - and it was a puzzle. The causes were many, the treatments were all tried and it was something that was just there. So many others on the web, whether it be with a pony, a racehorse or a trail horse would share similar stories on the mysteries of liver function and high GGT readings. It is one of the mysteries in caring for horses, and racing horses, in my opinion. I think we all agree Mo is much better than he had been showing, and when I hear the letters "GGT" it makes much more sense now.

The construction business in Jersey must be good! Tom and John Cancelliere purchased the brother to Donato and the brother to Somebeachsomewhere at Harrisburg yesterday. To get them they only had to shell out, oh, about $1.2 million.

I spent $0.012 million this season on two yearlings, in contrast. The thing about yearlings is: It doesn't really matter how much you spend, you can still dream of having a nice horse.

Alan looks at the improvements at the Big A in a recent trip there.

I can't figure out the press releases coming out of Europe this past month. There is supposedly Chinese money there to fund the ESFS, then there isn't. The Italy credit markets are pointing to implosion, but apparently not. There's a rumor a day that makes almost no sense in reality. California racing gives them a run for their money. With four day weeks to five day, with SA compared to Hollywood, with a BC included or not included. No wonder every Cali racing press release is usually accompanied by a commenter asking if "Baghdad Bob" wrote it.

I am not overly concerned with the HOY debate in the US this season, as there were simply no horses who wowed me beyond belief. However, thoughts like this do go to show why some folks who own a dominant female racehorse don't step out of the class much.

A writer opines: "For Havre de Grace, her bid to be horse of the year probably ended with her fourth-place finish in the Breeders' Cup Classic."

Argh. A mare steps out, like everyone begs her to do (she already won a Grade I against them) for the good of the sport, and she comes a very nice fourth. But that counts against her? She would've been better served to never face the boys; she'd probably be 1-9 to win HOY this season.

There are so many clever folks in interweb land, and two on twitter who make me chuckle, involve supertrainer Todd Pletcher.

A fake Mike Repole tweeted this recently:

People keep saying I'll make Uncle Mo the favorite. Maybe. But the bigger news is that the Mo-Stay Thirsty exacta will pay $2.40
His counterpart, a fake Todd Pletcher, chimes in with gems like:

Can never b to prepared, prepping winners circle photo; photog asked for my better side, we both laughed. 

and after Mo and Stay Thirsty finished second and third last in the Classic:

Sorry folks -- Gone Fishin'

Very clever stuff.

A sad note this morning for boxing fans, which I am and probably always will be: Joe Frazier has died. I have fond memories of listening to fights on the radio with my dad as a wee lad (no chance at TV as we only had a couple channels in my remote town). Several of them involved Smokin' Joe, whom I loved. He was a prototypical blue-collar fighter that you could easily cheer for. Every fan I know will remember those times, and remember Joe. He passed on my dad's birthday, and I bet my father is telling him this morning how much he admired his work-ethic and tenacity. I hope Joe rests well.

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