Friday, June 15, 2012

$1.5M North America Cup - My Odds Line

Here's my fair odds line for tomorrow's North America Cup

On paper, Sweet Lou and Warrawee Needy are probably closer to 50% and 28% respectively, however this is a deep field and I think there is a chance both may regress. In contrast, Thinking Out Loud and Time To Roll both seem to be on the improve, and they have not been beaten up too much at all. Both horses only need to be slightly better (and get a trip) to give the big boys a run, perhaps.

There is a chance that this may be a boat race (the outside horses may all take back in fear of Sweet Lou) and if so this line is way off, but when they're going for $1.5m, we should see some pace. 

Enjoy the card. I'll pop up a free program link whenever I find one.

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