Saturday, June 30, 2012

Racing's a Game For In-Running Betting

Several years ago I was presenting at the Canadian Wagering Conference in Montreal, Quebec. Along with industry folks, there were a few bettors like me, including a couple of professional punters, who were sharing their opinion on harness racing, trying to offer some suggestions to make the sport a better betting game. 

At the end of the first day, one of the organizers asked me, a couple of other bettors and a track handicapper if we wanted to make the drive to Three Rivers Raceway, about 90 minutes up the highway for some food and some harness racing. We bit and off we went.

After enjoying some excellent fare in the dining room and playing the first six or seven races at the small pool track, one of the pro bettors asked if we all wanted to play a game. The challenge was to pick the winner of the race while the race was going on. You could pick any horse, at any time, and get even money for a $5 bet, but once a horse was picked, no other person could choose that horse.  What happened was a lesson about what can occur when racing moves outside the pari-mutuel system, and broaden its reach.......

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