Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thursday Notes

..... Talk to a newbie and say "graded stakes dollars" and he will think it's a special promotion at the Ponderosa. I never quite understood why we make things so anti-fan friendly. Today that changed, with hopefully the best of both worlds - a better measuring stick for starting slots as well as being more fan friendly - as Churchill announced a Kentucky Derby points system.

..... The Hambo (and the rest of racing) pulled it off. The big race will be shown on CBS Sports Network, for 90 minutes.

..... Who will end up being a better filly this year, Check Me Out or Maven? Right now I'm leaning to Maven.

..... There's no NA Cup consolation this year because of lack of entries. There is just so much stakes money out there now.

..... Harness track in Minnesota is screwed by its thoroughbred cousin/former partner. 

..... Do you find it kind of cool that the two two colts going for NA Cup 2012 are by E Dee's Cam and Yankee Cruiser?

.... The Feds are coming, there is no doubt about it; while we argue about virtually everything.

.... Lasix ban in Kentucky may begin in 2014. I don't think this does too much more than offer some good PR, but if you read the criticisms of it from some thoroughbred horsemen, it's like someone took away their saddles.

.... I'm excited to bet this years North America Cup card, but I can't get stoked betting into 20 cent pick 4's and 20 cent supers with that horrible takeout. I really wish we'd start to focus on sending more people home with a shot at more money than they came with.

.... The NA Cup will be broadcast on XM and Sirius satellite radio on Saturday.

Enjoy your Thursday everyone.


That Blog Guy said...

Running Aces screwed by Canterbury Park; another time the runners threw the trotters under the bus. Of course, if harness racing was strong enough, they would do the same. One day they will realize their futures are tied together.

Of course, shame on the Minnesota Racing Commission for allowing this to happen. At least three commissioners realized what was happening and voted against the deal, unfortunately five others did. I would be curious to know the make up of the board with regards to their backgrounds. My guess is the majority come from the thoroughbred industry.

Anonymous said...

NOT CBS, but rather "CBS Sports Network", a channel similar to the one that broadcast "Wayne's World". Glad it's on SOME sort of network for sure, but let's not confuse this with actual "network coverage"

kyle said...

I can't say I care that much. I'll handicap the race I'm given. But in the last 20 years at least four Derby winners likely would have been excluded under the new system: Sea hero, Charismatic, War Emblem, and Mine That Bird.

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