Sunday, June 3, 2012

Music, Books, ADW's & Some Solid Racing

The WSJ had a nice piece from the dude who created, about what books have done right, and what music did wrong; post 1998. I know everyone remembered that music - used to selling overpriced CD's for $20 - really had a tough time with new technology, and went to great lengths to stop it. It's so fascinating to look back now and see that if those lawsuits succeeded, the iPod likely would've never been invented. Subsequently, it's not a stretch to surmise that without an iPod, an iPhone would not have followed either. Trying to protect slices, tends to ensure that new slices are not created.

We've talked about it a ton of times over the last five years on the blog, so no need to re-hash it, but our ADW rules and the way we've put our product on the web (high prices, and low accessibility) has simply been a game of catch up. What's worse about the whole episode, is that we had a monopoly in the darn thing. How could we screw up a monopoly? Lord knows.

Anyway, I found the article good, so I pass along the link.

Last evening we had a taste of what's in store in harness racing for 2012. Our preps - long after the three year old preps for the Derby - always tend to separate horses, and sometimes add more questions than answers. They also prove that April qualifiers should never be a harbinger that we need to worry about in June.

A Rock n Roll Dance got beat last night, and looked to be off somewhere - whether it be sickness or just not having a good day. The field was super-close to him, and although a really nice horse won, he looks to be better than that. I am not striking him off the list off one sub-par effort. Simply Business, in the same race, continues to look one-paced, after a nice run at two.

At Mohawk, the very fast Thinking Out Loud was beaten, and again it did not look like he fired a bullet. On the far turn, where he should've had tons, he looked to be slipping a little on the soupy track. Bob McIntosh confirmed as much on twitter. Count him out at your own risk.

Easy Again, after being beaten in his last, broke. He's not going into the elims with as much confidence as a few weeks ago.

Blot the Duer lost off fairly easy fractions at Yonkers in the Rooney. Pet Rock looks fine, and Hurrikane King Cole looked like he wanted to run several times.

Of course, Warrawee Needy is off sick, since his 149.2 Q a few weeks ago.

This is a fascinating time of the year. Who you do you like besides Sweet Lou, who hasn't seemed to do much wrong? It might be a different horse tomorrow. It's the way it is in harness racing with a potential deep crop.

Enjoy your Sunday everyone.

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