3 Easy Ways To Help The Betting ROI

No handicapping angles here. No fancy workout reports. Just three ways to improve ROI, from a dude who's tried to do that since he was about 8. Scratch that, 18. Betting horses at 8 years of age would be illegal.

Remember, this is advice from a blogger, and as always do your research before taking any advice from bloggers, politicians, or a doctor who graduated from a school in a country you've never heard of.
  1. Don't Bet Short Fields: If you are betting a five horse field at Turf Paradise with a 20% win takeout, there is no possible way you can win. If Pittsburg Phil and Bill Benter had a baby, that kid would probably be a good horseplayer, but he or she could not win. That Long Island Medium lady could not win. Nostradamus would play for a week and become a painter. Takeout is pronounced and the odds board is super-tight with no edge. There are like 40 tracks going off next Saturday afternoon; pick another race with 8 horses and up your ROI. 
  2. Don't Take Goofy Pick 3 and 4 Tickets: A goofy pick 4 ticket is a bankroll killer. Making the 2-1, 5-2 and 3-1 horses "A" horses in each leg might make you feel like you're "covered" but all they do is find your wallet and extinguish the cash in it. If you are going to take a ticket, take one keying your best shot in the sequence as a separator horse and then spread. Take a stand against a couple of weak chalk's and spread, but don't spread everywhere. Let your buddy or the public handicapper take a $64 ticket and hit that $72 pick 4. They can buy a hamburger with the winnings. You spend $36, get the one that pays $1800 and start building a betting bankroll.
  3. Get Yourself a Rebate: The biggest misconception out there is that all professional horse bettors are great handicappers. What they have in common is that they bet volume, and get some money back. There are player reward cards at tracks, dozens of ADW's will offer you something back for your play. You can get something back if you play $2 a race or $1000 a race. Run, don't walk, get these free and easy benefits and immediately up your ROI.
 I'd write a disclaimer for the above, but I'm too lazy. Good luck at the windows.


Unknown said...

Finding a rebate in Canada is easier said than done.

tommy said...

tim g,you are not trying hard enough.ask around and trust . the person that signs you up will also get a rebate on your play.


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