Breeders Crown Heats Up & Please Move the Deer Signs!

The Breeders Crown eliminations were drawn, and the fields are set. Elims go Friday and Saturday evening at Woodbine, with the finals to be raced next week.

The big news this year is that Put on a Show, the talented filly owned by Richard Young, will be racing the boys, rather than the girls. This filly is a bit of an enigma, because she throws in some serious clunkers. However, at her best she should account herself well.

In addition, Commander Crowe is entered, and ready. This, once again, makes the older open trot the most interesting race of the evening.

For those who have clamored for horses to race and not be retired at three, the evidence is right there. You're right. The younger divisions are barely getting a buzz blip - and this in a year where the depth of talent of the three year olds was at a crescendo.


I watched the debate last night looking for some clue to see where the betting is going to go. I bet elections each cycle as I find there are opportunities in it. The betfair markets moved a little towards O, and stayed that way, only to bounce back this morning towards R. For the first time I can remember, I have no opinion how to play this from here on out.

Dalton McGuinty has resigned. Horse racing seems to be having some sort of cathartic schadenfreude reaction to it, but in reality this likely does not move the needle on inch in favor of horse racing.

There was some gambling talk on the new CBS show "Vegas" last week.

John Campbell, no Randy Waples, is on Thinking Out Loud this weekend for his Crown elim.

 Lance Armstrong has been dumped by Nike and has resigned from Livestrong. I guess you can only snow people for so long before they get wise to you.

There's still room for local entries for the Breeders Crown draft.

Today's Funny thanks to NJ Derek on twitter. Have a nice day.

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