The news surrounding the DQ of Odds on Equuleus keeps getting stranger. According to Harnessracing.com John Campbell will not be 'sanctioned' because the horse was 50% at fault, and he was 50% at fault.

If you understand that, you're a better man than I. When things sound strange it usually means that they are. Sometimes it's best to correct a mistake rather than exacerbate it. In this case I think it's pretty clear the latter path was chosen.

Continuing with what I think is the ridiculous, Santa Anita is having a Doug O'Neill bobblehead day. That's not a mistype; it's actually happening. Was a Jeff Mullins bobblehead unavailable?

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That Blog Guy said...

I too was shocked. I can understand no penalty to John Campbell if the judges felt the horse was responsible. But if the judges felt he was partially responsible, he should have been fined or received days even if the judges felt the horse was half responsible because it was Campbell's intent to back up the field (assuming you agree with the original DQ).

For the judges to do what they did now strongly suggests they just want to get this incident behind them as quickly and quietly as possible which is totally wrong.

If the judges still claim the horse backed up, then they should proceed with fines/suspensions if they felt Campbell contributed to it. If they made a mistake, vacate the original DQ, and wait for the court case from the returned to second place finisher and leave horseplaters screwed, as usual.

The judges should how some brass ones.


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