Can't Get Away

I figured I would wake up this morning, get prepared for a massive storm, talk a little with my friends about something non-PETA related, and get to work.

I did wake up, I made sure my snow blower has gas, and I already have done some work. It's the third one that was hard. All of my friends are talking about that PETA thing. It won't stop.

Last evening, on a call with a bunch of horseplayers - "the PETA thing"

Chatting with my pal Nolan - "the PETA thing"

Reading Jessica - who says "it made me feel real shame to be silent" when she saw bad things near her stable -  "the PETA thing".

Fellow Bruins fan, and someone I find is an all around good egg Mike MacAdam, writes a very well thought out editorial that pops in my timeline about........ "the PETA thing".

The smart, affable and usually non-frustrated and non-confrontational Ryan Goldberg pops up.

"The PETA thing".

I, at various times the last few days, have defended Asmussen for being the fall guy, waxed on about the way factory stables work, been wondering how something positive could happen with something so cultural and non-legislative..... it's been all over the map. I find no black, no white. No villain to get mad at; no white knight with solutions. In fact, I know I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I don't even know what a solution would look like.

It's a mind bender; it's a mind bender that will not go away.

So, today's post is not about Gural's visit to Anthony MacDonald's get together, the Rainbow Six, the Meadowlands, my buddies who are at the Horseplayer World Series, or whatever catches my eye. It's about, again, "the PETA thing". Apologies, I guess.


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