Hey, So There's This Video

I am not sure what was bigger news on the twitter last evening, planes kinda-possibly being found, or a video. Since I follow more horse racing people, I think the latter. If for some reason you have not heard about the video, or seen it, it's linked.

Here are some FAQ's that aren't really FAQ's (these are a bunch of things I saw on twitter), and I am not really answering questions (they'll be simply my opinion), but here goes.

Q: It's from PETA, did they make it all up?

A: It's from them. It's clearly not made up.

Q: It's agenda-driven, and is being used to manipulate me.

A: Yes. PETA does not make videos as a journalistic enterprise. It's PETA, not 60 Minutes. It's incendiary, clipped together, and made to get the most bang for the buck.

Q: They made a big deal about injections and vet work. Like, really?

A: Yes, that part sounds like it was added to inflame, but most of it was non-sensical. My beagle went to the vet last week and got a needle put into his bladder to check for infection. It wasn't pleasent for him I am sure, but it fixed him up. A horse getting fluid drained from his knee is not horse abuse.

Q: Blasi sure likes to swear.

A: I can't disagree

Q: Gary Stevens comes off bad.

A: I can't disagree. 

Q: The Nehro stuff was gut wrenching. That is not common is it?

A: I was shocked. I know a lot of good horses who are running in a field right now with those problems, because their owners and trainers decide its best. But to think it's an isolated case is probably fooling ourselves.

Q: The industry will ban together and get mad.......... at PETA.

A: The everyday-apologists for racing, yes. For the rank and file, last year I would agree, too. This year I don't think so. Something is going to happen, but I am unsure what. Let's face it, this video is tough. I bet even the Bad Newz Kennels guys cringed at a couple of parts.

Q: This is a bunch of left wing nuts who don't like racing and it will only appeal to other lefty nuts who don't like racing. So what?

A: A righty friend of mine awhile back talked about how he would like regulation of how food through the slaughter of animals is handled; that he would be happy to pay more, knowing they are treated with respect. If I send this video link to him, he would probably email me back, slamming me for watching a "bloodsport". It's not just crazy wing-nuts, and you don't have to be a fanatic to know it's a different world, and things in that video don't sit right.

Q: PETA will never be appeased, so why try?

A: I agree. I think they won't be happy until undocumented alien cows are given drivers licenses. However, not trying to fix horse racing because it might forward a group-we-don't-like's agenda is not a preferred course of action.

That's my 2 cents.


Anonymous said...

PETA must have been very disappointed that all they could point to was ONE dead horse (and who died from a fairly typical ailment). Surely they hoped to present a trail of corpses rather than some foul-mouthed trainer basically providing legal, therapeutic care for his horses.

Sal Carcia said...

The issue is not the video. I agree. The issue is the game's inability to understand that it needs to do something big to improve the safety of its horses and help restore its public image.


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