More Money for Horse Racing & McIntosh Pulls No Punches

According to CTV News, an additional $100 million is being earmarked for horse racing. There's no indication if this is part of the slot rent, or something already announced and repackaged. We'll see, I guess.

Horse racing - minus the Adam Smith laissez faire thing where slot cash was dumped into purses like a drug - is not a terrible bet for a government. Similarly, horse racing, minus the Adam Smith laissez faire thing, has a shot with the government guiding it. $100 million could certainly help.

Interesting development.

Further tonight, hall of fame trainer and winningest trainer of Breeders Crown's, Bob McIntosh took a chance with a tweet.
It's always an interesting discussion in horse racing on social media, at the track or on chat boards. i.e. what was worse, the Ringers and rascals of the past, or modern under the radar pre-race, blood builders etc, a la the Tour de France?

Bob, who has been around the block about 1,000 times, gives you his opinion to that.

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