Why Do I Need Four Betting Accounts?

Distribution of the betting product has, for a long time now, been a customer gripe.

"I need four accounts to bet the tracks I want; Why can't I play racing in one ADW?" and other such complaints are as common as a Kentucky Derby trainer saying "we're happy with the work"

Why does this occur? Why is a licensed ADW - licensed to sell and distribute a betting signal - not allowed to have all signals? Why do some tracks and corporations limit their availability, and is it good for the game?

The reasons a signal is not distributed are pretty obvious: It is important for some tracks and ADW's to crush any competition, and make more money. It's important for some in the business to keep you - the betting customer - betting into full boat takeout. It's no secret the business has a long-held belief that high prices mean more money. And by gum, no matter what the evidence, they're sticking to it.

Is it good for horse racing they are able to do this?

If you believe the customer's handle is the economic engine that drives purses, then no, it is not good for horse racing for customers to have to (customers who are already jumping through hoops because of archaic gambling laws) sign up for four ADW's to play the races. You won't hear someone saying "I love Etrade because they give me a good deal, but they've been shut out of the Nasdaq. I need to use Schwab for the Nasdaq." That's just silly. In 2014, with Groupon's and Amazon's and bare bones margins, with companies fighting tooth and nail for a customers money, racing's business model in this regard is 1914 - protect, slice, dice and price as high as humanly possible.

Will this change? Will racing ever have a distribution system that's fair, tailored to the customer, and uniform? I suspect not. The various fiefdoms - horsemen groups, corporate tracks, and states - probably assure it won't happen.

If you have four ADW's to bet the races and you are upset like most who do, take a deep breath and accept it. At least you don't need five.

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