Does Woodbine Want to Stand Out?

With the government, CPMA, racetracks and ninety four other alphabets under a quasi commissioners office umbrella with the new Ontario racing paradigm, one thinks change can come quickly. As we all know, historically change is stifled because faction A opposes something that factions B through F all want, and faction A wins. This is different now.

Does a place like Woodbine want to stand out?

Here's a chance. Today at the Dubai World Cup, you'd have thunk the skies opened when an inquiry was taking place. I've always looked at the glass as being half full with the government takeover of Ontario racing. Most think I'm cray. Prove me, or them, right or wrong. You have a chance. Opportunities like this can come each day.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

And they've been doing that for years!!


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