Big Events: Triple Crown vs the Stanley Cup

Big event driven marketing and viewership is on the rise, generally.  Big money is spent for big events, and the networks push them like never before. The Golf Majors, World Cup, Olympics, it doesn't seem to matter the sport.

The Belmont Stakes as a search term, not surprisingly, does well when there is a Triple Crown try. It does not seem to matter the horse, the weather, the surrounding stories, the trainer or jockey, or what or what not is on the undercard. We're going to watch the Super Bowl if it's two lesser known teams, and the outside world will go nuts no matter who is in the World Cup. It's the way it is.

Here is a google trends snip for the Belmont, and notice the peaks for Triple Crown tries.

That's fine, but let's compare it to the searches for another big event in June, the Stanley Cup.
The Stanley Cup, like a lot of big events, has been growing in popularity as a search term; last year it walloped the Belmont Stakes as a popular search term. As you can see, the years there is a Triple Crown try, however, the Belmont Stakes wins out.

Will it happen again this year? If it does, the magic of an elusive Triple Crown is alive and well in sportsland with casual observers.

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