Trainers Are Even Supporting Customers Now W/ Churchill Downs Boycott

It'd take me all afternoon to link everything (the Uncle Sigh Bloodhorse column would be more than enough), but this article "Trainer Supports Churchill Downs Betting Boycott" took the cake (language alert).
Asked why a boycott of the classic Kentucky track with the famous twin spires is a great idea, the 60-year-old Stein didn't mince words in giving his opinion about the powers that be that run Churchill Downs.
"These greedy fucks are ruining our game," Stein declared.
I glanced and saw the handle is down this meet, which is what's been hoped for by many. But after reading more and more stories and more and more columns it truly makes me wonder: What could anyone possibly be thinking in supporting this place?

Have a good Thursday everyone.

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kyle said...

It's hard to tell if the boycott is having any effect. Churchill has been withholding its signal from many simulcasting sites. That appears to be over. I know they've reached a deal with the NY OTBs. They and Churchill are two of a kind - the NY OTBs led the way in NY imposing the 5% ADW surcharge and in expanding enforcement of NY's prohibition on wagering on Palm Sunday and Easter. Surprised it took them so long to figure out how to divvy up the takeout increase between them.


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