Harness Racing Goes a Little ABR Live

Recently the USTA announced a partnership to try and bring harness racing a bit more to the masses. For thoroughbred fans, think America's Best Racing, but with sulkies. A part of the plan included a website that is wordpress based and quite welcoming, with various highlighted social media avenues.

You can take a look at it here. 

I won't wax on too much what I think of it, but for some thoughts there is an article in Harness Racing Update this morning regarding it. You can read that on page 6 (pdf).

Accompanying the website is a nicely shot video about harness racing, which if you are already a fan is sure to please.

If you are a fan of harness racing and on social media you can be a Harness Racing Ambassador and help spread the word. There's a link on the website instructing you on how to get that done.


Fresh of a smarting loss where an overtime winner went off a Montreal player's chin to down the Rangers of New York City, Left at the Gate should've been cranky, and I guess he is. He is no fan of the CDI megolith. 

I had a hoot today seeing some traffic come from Small Dead Animals, linking my piece on California Chrome. Small Dead Animals is not a horse racing site, but the site's owner Kate McMillan is a bit of a fan of the sport (I see she follows Paulick on twitter, for example). It's the number one conservative blog in Canada (yes folks there are those up here), and I don't think there's another one close in terms of readership, so it's wild to see the web traffic explode from a place not named Equidaily or Paulick from time to time. Thanks Kate. 

Fascinating battle of the PP providers on social media this past week. DRF.com is down, so they have not been sending out PP's. In response, TimeformUS offered a special deal to new subscribers. Twinspires said "hey we have free PP's for our ADW patrons". Then the DRF responded by offering free PP's for (I think it was) yesterday and today. As I mentioned to Seth Rosenfeld on the twitter, I am partial to TimeformUS. Sure I have a couple of acquaintances there that I like (I like Jeremy and Ed at Bris/TS, too, FYI), but I have gotten used to those past performances now and I do recommend giving them a try if you have not.

Have a super day everyone and to my US friends, have a great long weekend.

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