"First Start Back" As a Four Year Old, A Good One For Queen B

Whether thoroughbred or standardbred in North America, the first start back as a four year old for the sophomore superstars is always an interesting time. After a tough three year old season chasing dreams and money, a horse can winter well, soothe the aches and pains of being an athlete, or come back pretty soft, very rarely recovering.

People might tell you that only one start is not enough to judge, but I think, most times, that's wrong. You can tell a lot from a first start back.

Last evening Horse of the Year on both sides of the border was making her four year old debut. She was handily beaten in one morning session by Market Share, in a ridiculously fast mile. In her second morning try she won in 155.2 with a nice last quarter. Trainer Richard Norman is not the type to have a horse ready to go big off a qualifier; especially a horse like Bee a Magician. In fact, he and many others expected her to get beat.

But how would she look doing it? Judge for yourself.

This wasn't a Heston Blue Chip or Rachel Alexandra debut, where the three year old flash was not there visually. This was an Artsplace, or Rainbow Blue or Market Share four year old debut.

I, like most of you are looking forward to see what this mare can do. I posted on twitter last year in May or June that I think she can beat 1:50. I know some of you laughed at that, but I truly believe we'll see it; maybe very soon.

I'm ecstatic she came back good. Harness racing needs horse's like this.

Enjoy your day everyone.

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