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"It’s a big reason why other sports tend to be on the move. Whether it be the NFL with its myriad rules changes, the NHL with scheduling, the NBA partnerships with Fanduel, or push for legalized gambling, these sports study, survey, model and enact. They aren’t ruminating, or thinking off the cuff, they aren’t kicking the can down the road because they are hearing what too many ‘feel’ and think it’s more trouble than it’s worth, they aren’t “feeling” anything; these decisions are made with a business case."

In HRU, page 6 pdf. 

Little The Raceway at Western Fair (I think we're calling it that now), had a small carryover in their SH5 the other day. After all was said and done, $55,000 was bet into the Super High Five pool, in a race that generated $2,646 in the win pool. That's tantamount to a Super High Five pool of about $2 million at a big track with a big win pool.

Carryovers are a North American ideal of a low takeout or zero takeout pool. In other parts of the world they run those as a promo and garner big revenue. In my view, TVG and the networks that broadcast the sport should push them, instead of churn killing pick 6 tickets. It would do the game some good. 

I remember going to Top Gun at the movies that year.
We poke a little fun of harness racing and the interpretation of rules here on the blog. Why wouldn't we with the big talk about fixing kicking in 2013 after headlines about fixing it from 1986. But harness racing might want to step aside.

The chatter about Victor Espinoza's 32 whips on American Pharoah in the Derby has gone loco. Reading the industry insiders I see if a whip breaks the skin it's bad, but apparently the new whips are so soft they are unable to break the skin. So, even if you hit a horse 1,540 times, like a rubberband man, it's okay because, well, you didn't break the skin; because you couldn't, you see. Confused? So am I.

I know I am just dumb, but it seems to me if you hit a horse 32 times over about 400 yards, it's probably too much.

This isn't the first time Kentucky has looked strangely backwoods on an issue like this. A couple of years ago after a harness driver repeatedly kicked a horse in the stretch and was not fined for it, a Red Mile judge said, "Unless the horse is being abused I don't have a problem with the kicking." Alrightee then.

We'll have to get Cub Reporter on this to see if this is the case.

 It's kind of like stub hub, without the internet.

On site slots takeouts are around 10%. Offline are around 1%. This is needed for various reasons. Racing, with the IHA and fingers in the pie economics, have online and offline priced the same. A major scourge in growing the betting.

The Preakness week card, drawn for Friday, is a good set of races. The pick 5 at 12% with ok fields shows a good possibility of value.

Right on Brad Thomas

Have a nice Monday everyone.

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