Sunday Round Up, Racing Dichotomies

Saturday's Preakness is in the books and the usual racing divergence of opinion is out in full-force.


Depending on who you ask, American Pharoah's Preakness win was dominant, fast, slow, a joke, brilliant. There are probably ten or twelve more opinions I forgot. 

I suspect it was pretty brilliant, simply because you don't see too many horses push hard in the off going like he did in the first quarter, try and grab a rest, start back up and dominate a race. Sure, maybe Tale of Verve is a "future 25 claimer", Dortmund and Firing Line had horrible outings, Divining Rod is just no damn good, and the rest of them aren't in the same league; ergo American Pharoah stumbled home in a slow time beating nothing. But I am having a little trouble believing all of it.

I don't have a problem with opinion like we've seen because that's what racing is - opinions. With the infrequency the horses race, along with the fact there are different distances and surfaces and everything else, opinion can, will, and probably is assured to be all over the map. In a few weeks we'll find out how good the horse is, because the field should be quite stout. Winning a Triple Crown ain't easy, obviously.

Racing Is Not Dead
Racing Is Dead
The dichotomy between some fans/insiders and those who play the game seriously is so, so wide. It never ceases to amaze me.

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NYRA sent out an email today talking about the Triple Crown.
Leaving aside the typo, NYRA is pushing i) The Triple Crown attempt and ii) The concerts.

Hint, when you have a triple crown attempt, have capped attendance at 90,000, you don't need to speak about the concerts any longer. Rumble in the Jungle, 40 cent hot dogs,  Free seat cushion day for game seven of the World Series, Cal Ripkin sets the iron man game record tonight, come get your bobblehead; not really needed.

I understand that they had to plan, and concerts are a good way to promote an event that without a triple crown try suffers, but I found it kind of ironic. We're here for the horses and history, and you could offer a promotion where everyone who enters gets poked in the eye with a hot stick and you'll fill the place in three weeks. I think a case can be made to not want people coming for a concert. The American Pharoah Triple Crown try should be left to the true fans, to enjoy in peace.

The Goo Goo Dolls at the Belmont to push attendance where history is ready to be made says a lot about the struggles of modern horse racing. 


Marketing triggers for horse racing were discussed on page six in Harness Racing Update. Also, a feature on Bee a Magician, who has come back sound and beat the colts last night in the Cutler, is the lead. 

Have a great Sunday everyone.

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Ron said...

I lean towards dominant. An awkward break, used early , rated kindly, repulsed bids , opened up late. A.P. seemed uncomfortable from the 6f pole to the wire in the derby The joke's that the Beyer was higher in the Derby , though he was much more powerful in the Preakness.


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