More Questions Than Answers

Good day racing fans.

Today it was announced another bill regarding the regulation of drugs in racing is being pushed in congress. "Bill Puts USADA in Charge of Drug Testing".

"USADA apparently would determine which medications, if any, can be used in racehorses on race day, including the commonly used anti-bleeding drug furosemide, also called Salix or Lasix. Horsemen's groups across the country vehemently oppose any efforts to ban furosemide on race day."

Horsemen groups don't like it, that's for sure, but this proposed legislation in effect, shuts them, and racing out, 6-5.

"There would be an 11-member board, five members of which would come from the racing industry."

This bill, like others we've seen, probably has some good and bad in them. They are not funded for one, and that's an obvious concern, since this industry rarely pays for things with slots, or fees on themselves, they add it to takeout. But no one can deny they are probably needed. If something helps a horse, there is a strong chance it will be abused to help a horse. Regardless, there are more questions than answers.

Speaking of questions and answers, Jessica looks at some questions (give it a read, it's a good post), some answers, and some things that do not appear to be asked. We do see this quite often in racing, and sometimes it's confusing. I remember awhile back, Jeff Gural spoke of banning trainers at his track - the Meadowlands - and noted this about thyroxine.

"This is a moral stand. With a lot of these guys we’re dealing with cobalt and cobalt is toxic to a horse. These guys are putting a chemical into a horse that is toxic. So they have to give the horse thyroxine to try to offset the toxicity so they don’t kill the horse."

Is his statement true? To offset cobalt use is this drug used as stable management? I don't know.  don't have the slightest. I have not seen anyone ask.



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 Have a nice weekend everyone.

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Ron said...

Also, remember Penn national gets a lot of whale money, making the "real" takeout even higher for players who don't receive rebates.


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